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Jenny creates neverending sentences. Peter takes 10 minutes to create just one sentence. After 10 years teaching experience I know how to help them both.

With an individual approach anyone can learn German. The most important thing is finding what fits best to you.

Whether you need German for your future job, or you just want to have chat with the locals on your skiing holiday in Austria, my lessons will be tailored to your needs.

You can start learning German at any age

Do you need German for your work and  you are a little bit shy? Do you have a tiny, hyperactive first-grader at home? Or a bored teenager? I adapt my activities appropriately to best suit your needs. With kids I sing, read, dance, mime and they learn incredibly quickly.

With interessting discussion topics a bored teenager will transform into an interested young person with a lot of stories to tell.

And yeah, in every lesson we will only speak in German, but don't worry I'm not that strict, I can also help you to understand in English.

You about me

Danka M. nurse

"German lessons with Bobka were very helpful for me. I needed to learn to talk and communicate in German in a very short time, approximately 2 months. I really appreciated her professional approach, time flexibility, and the friendly atmosphere in every lesson. Thank you for giving me the knowledge that I am now using in a German-speaking country."

Veronika P. manager

"Lessons with Bobka are very energetic and always adapted to the students' needs. Due to her approach and the way she plans her lessons, students get the feeling that time flies in our 60 minute lessons. Under Bobka's guidance, students feel no fear to try to work with new grammar and vocabulary, which is important for making continual progress and building confidence for using the language in the real world. Bobka's lessons are very interactive and she uses many different types of materials. Bobka as a teacher uses clear, easy to understand examples which help us to remember the language. I appreciate that she teaches us slang and 'cool' words which are necessary for us in daily communication. Bobka is an amazing teacher and I am always looking forward to lessons with her."

From a kids eyes #1

"I look forward to lessons, when we learn new things, and we have fun!"

From a kids eyes #2

"I think I know how to say in German all types of public transport... almost everything that we have learnt!"

From a kids eyes #3

"In lessons with Bobka I like when we play the game 'girl with the high fish' where we guess the words. I look forward to it most when Bobka brings in a little mouse and we talk about it in German."

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Are you still not sure and would like some advice? Maybe you want lessons at irregular times?If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me. We can decide together on the best solution for you.