Questions people often ask me

1.) How long will it take until I am finally able to talk?

It’s like this - what you put in, is what you will get back. There is no magic to it, only your and my work. But you would still like a number, right? OK, fine. If you let me help you and you also do a little work by yourself at home, it will take 2-3 months. In this time you will learn how to express what is in your mind with your own toolbox of vocabulary. Kids learn in the way, "I have fun, I speak". For them there are no barriers, so it’s a piece of cake!

2.) Do you teach in person, or only online?

I teach online and face to face.

3.) Do you teach adults, teenagers, and also kids?
Yep, everyone! Grown ups and little people :)

4.) How often would it be good to have lessons with you?

It’s up to you. Ideally twice a week (regular lessons create a little magic :D). You can decide on the length of the lessons. We can work together to find the best time for you!

5.) What about study materials?

That is what I’m here for. I will check your level, listen to your needs, and I will recommend to you (or send you) the materials.

6.) What about payment and registration?

  • Contact me here, and let me know your requirements. Don’t forget to add how long, when (eg. Monday, Thursday after 16:00) and how often (eg. twice a week) you would like to have lessons. Also let me know if you prefer online/in-person lessons.
  • We can start with a 60 minute demo lesson. If we "click", we can take it from there :) I will assess your language level and you can let me know how you learn best. We will find the best solution together! You only have to pay for the demo lesson if you decide to continue lessons with me.
  • Are you happy after the demo lesson? Great! We can then discuss payment details and let’s learn German together!


Deine Bobka